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Announcing the MyCRC Referral Program

At My Community Research Center, we're constantly looking for new participants for our clinical trials. If you visit our studies page, you'll see the list of trials for which we are currently recruiting. That list changes from time to time as recruiting opens/closes for the trials that we're executing, so it's possible that you might not find something that's a good fit for you personally at the time that you visit. You can always sign up for study alerts to receive emails whenever a new trial begins recruiting, but it could take weeks or months for a new trial to become available.

Starting today, you can now participate in our referral program. If you know someone who might be a good candidate for one of our studies, you can get paid by sending them to us as a referral! This is a good way to earn some extra money while also helping contribute to the advancement of medical science.

For the full details about the program, click here.

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